This document contains the brand communications strategy for the Loose store, a zero-waste food, kitchen and cosmetic product store opening in Cape Town in 2018.

Zero waste is a philosophy or way of living that has sprung up (or come back, according to The Guardian [Haynes, 2017]) in recent years, in response to rampant overconsumption (Zero Waste World, 2013). The goal of this movement is to make no waste in one’s daily life by reducing what is thrown into landfills and incinerators to zero. On a larger scale, it speaks to valuing all our resources more: “adopting a zero-waste approach to resource management is critical to the future of our planet and its peoples” (Zero Waste World, 2013).

Thus, a zero-waste store will sell as many unpackaged or ecologically packaged goods as possible. This will take shape in the form of bulk supplies from which shoppers fill their own chosen container, and the price then gets determined by weight. The store could supply some eco-friendly packaging (like cardboard or glass containers) and allow small discounts for shoppers who bring their own containers.

Loose will sell plant-based food goods as well as eco-friendly home cleaning and body products. There is a risk of this store being seen as a niche idea for ecologically-minded people only, so to combat this, the store should be situated somewhere easily accessible and with good foot traffic. The recommended location for the first store is Cavendish Square shopping centre in Claremont, Cape Town.

As Loose is a new brand in an increasingly popular market (Google Trends, 2017), it needs a strong strategy to launch it and then drive the building of the brand in a way that will make it meaningful for its customers and set it apart from its competition.

Therefore, this strategy document will:

  • Situate Loose within the home and beauty store category and the local market;
  • Identify its competitors and the tools and tactics they are using to communicate to their audiences;
  • Unpack its target markets and audiences to help drive clear messaging for the strategy;
  • Pinpoint the key issues that this new brand will need to overcome in its first year and design SMART objectives to that will drive that;
  • Craft a clear identity for the brand and build this into a positioning that will guide the communications;
  • Unpack the communication strategy, including channel and media use, that will drive the building of Loose into a meaningful brand; and
  • Highlight the clear opportunities and challenges that come out of the plan.

This strategy will be for the first 12 months of the store, and should be reviewed thereafter.