Contact Plan

As one of Loose’s key issues is to find a way to break through the promotional clutter, it’s important to have a plan for how to reach their target audience and potential customers in a way that evokes the desired reaction of brand switching. This can be done by managing the contact points with consumers in a strategic and consistent way, which will help build brand equity in a socially responsible manner.

The contact points that are chosen as part of the communications strategy need to support Loose’s positioning and reinforce the reason to believe in the brand (which is that it makes going zero-waste easy enough to fit into your lifestyle, and not the other way around). Thus, they will need to be clear, easy to understand by anyone within the target audience, and similar to how the audience is already communicating. It is also important that the contact points and marketing tools Loose uses produce zero waste (so no flyers handouts, for example).

The strategy will therefore rely strongly on digital marketing and community building, showcasing the value of the brand through positive impact stories, and building communities around innovative new ideas on how to go zero-waste. Using this strategy, Figure 3 below highlights the contact plan for a Loose customer’s purchase journey:

Figure 3: Customer contact journey for Loose. Adapted by author from Wikimedia, 2016.