Communications Strategy

Because Loose is going into a location where there are established product competitors (like Woolworths and Wellness Warehouse), it’s important to have clear messaging that uses innovative tools to set it apart.

First, it’s important to clarify what Loose will be communicating:

  • What: there’s a new brand that delivers locally made and grown goods with positive impacts.
  • The reason: Because packaging is suffocating all the goodness.
  • What is at stake: We’re not living our best lives – overpackaging everything is affecting our planet, our wallets, and our health.
  • Call to action: Get it Loose – no bag needed.

A message should resonate with the target audience, clearly and simply state the problem, propose a solution, and invite the target audience to take a specific action. Thus, the campaign’s topline message will be:

Don’t pay for rubbish. Get it Loose – no bag needed.

This message will be communicated through a strategy of showcasing the positivity and ease of zero-waste shopping and the tools will need to promote the immediate effects of going zero-waste: financial savings and less rubbish, as well as long-term outcomes of strengthening local economies and communities in a positive way.