Who we are


Loose gives consumers a way to buy everyday goods without impacting their environment negatively, thereby allowing them to learn and examine what impact their actions have on larger systems (socially and environmentally).


Consumers making a positive impact on their lives and the local market with each purchase.


Loose is:

ethical, sustainable and responsible.

innovative and trendy.

affordable and inclusive.

focused on giving back to the community.

Do you want to…

Read the global and local zero-waste context?

...or learn more about the Loose brand?

Plastic bottles thrown away every year (in billions)
Tons of plastic waste dumped in oceans this year alone (in millions)
The homes we could power if we didn't produce bottled water
Zero-waste customers changing the status quo

About the author

Monica Davies is an independent digital communications specialist with 7 years’ experience in digital strategy and content creation. The last five of those have been in the NGO and development sector, with a specific focus on using digital tools to help drive the engagement and mobilization strategies of Greenpeace Africa and 350.org in the Africa-Arab World region. She has a BA degree in Journalism from the University of Pretoria and is currently completing an Honours degree in Strategic Communication at Vega in Cape Town, for which this website is part of a portfolio of work.

Vega student number: 16988296

Monica Davies monica@reimagine.digital